6602-001655 SAMSUNG DRYER BELT LB1655
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I really enjoyed this book. It captures the essential challenge people face as they try make sense of their lives and grow to adulthood.
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6602-001655 SAMSUNG DRYER BELT LB1655

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Tools Needed: Screwdriver
Unplug appliance and/or turn off circuit breakers to prevent electrocution.
Remove screws securing the top panel. Remove the top panel by pulling then lifting. Set aside.
Remove locking tabs securing the control panel, disconnect wire harness and set aside.
1. Open dryer door and remove the two screws at the bottom. Remove the upper four screws that secure the front panel. Grab front panel and lift to release it from the two locking tabs. Disconnect the door switch wire harness. Release it from the three mounting brackets from the bottom.

2. Remove the panel that holds the control panel by unscrewing the screws. Disconnect the light bulb wire harness and release it from the plastic retainer. Slightly pull panel and have it at an angle, release the wire harnesses from the plastic retainers, set aside.

3. Next, is removing the bulk head from the blower housing by unscrewing the screw. Then, disconnect the moisture sensor wire harness on the other side.
Remove the four screws that secure the bulk head to the cabinet, lift front bulk head off the cabinet and set aside.

4. Next, reach in on the drum on each side, grab the idler pulley, pull it toward the outside of the machine to release the tension of the belt. Once done, slightly lift the drum and remove the belt off.

5. To replace the drum belt, slightly lift the drum and place in the new belt. Set the belt in place making sure the ridges are facing the drum. Reach in to route the belt through the pulleys. Grab the idler pulley and pull it toward the outside of the machine. Then, place the belt on the idler pulley.

6. Next, place the front bulk head by locking it in the tabs of the left side of machine, align the drum with the front bulk head making sure the drum goes over the rollers. Secure it in the locking tabs on the other side. Replace all screws along with the blower housing screw.

7. Reconnect moisture sensor wire harness. Replace the wire harnesses in the plastic retainer clips. Reconnect the light bulb wire harness. The door switch wire harness will be connected after control panel is placed.

8. Reattach the front panel, replace the wire harnesses onto the plastic retainer clips. Make sure the front panel goes in the locking tabs. Secure with screws.
Reconnect door switch wire harness. Place front panel on making sure it is locked in the locking tabs. Secure with screws. Open door to replace screws.

9. Then, reattach the control panel by first reconnecting the wire harness then placing the panel on the locking tabs and then snapping it into place. Reattach the top panel and secure it with screws.

Plug in appliance and installation is complete.